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The sound system is ridiculously good. I haven’t heard a club in India sound this good – ever! The people of Pune are lucky to have this.

DJ Nikhil Chinapa, Co-owner Submerge, India

The sound system and acoustics match the very best in London Clubs.

DJ John 00 Fleming, Ministry of Sound, United Kingdom

I just played on this full-spectrum sound system. I haven’t really heard kick drums sound like that. The bass was super clean, didn’t get boomy, the mids were great. Really liked it! I definitely wanna play on this again.

DJ Enamor, USA

In my life I have played on many sound systems across the world. But this one was incredible. It’s a really great sound.

Chaban, Lead Guitarist, Shanti People, Ukraine

Today is the first time I played on a Devil sound system, and I am overwhelmed with the sound. It’s amazing! So full, so clear!

DJ Xerox and Illumination, Israel