Company Profile

How it all began

Our story begins in 2010, when Vikram Shetty decided to give up his career as a Technical Solutions Architect at IBM in Australia to create a new brand for professional audio in India. Within a few years he set new benchmarks in the Indian professional audio landscape, by creating special audio experiences at some of India’s premier night clubs, auditoriums and music festivals. And yet he wasn’t fully satisfied due to the limitations of the manufacturing capabilities available in India.

Vikram on his search for the ultimate sound experience

Driven by his passion for ultimate sound quality Vikram partnered with another geek:
Michael Dreusicke from Berlin, Germany, visiting Pune in 2015. Michael came with a background in information architecture, software development, design, user experience, brand development, music performance (jazz drummer) and music production.

Where Vikram and Michael developed their first ideas

Together they created Devil Acoustics with a state-of-the-art research & development center in Finland. A sophisticated manufacturing base spread across Germany, UK, Italy and Spain allows them to manufacture products of the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Vikram finally happy with the sound

What we believe in

We are committed to unleashing the true depth and beauty of music.

We believe that sound plays a major role in the quality of an experience. Often overlooked, like smell, sound creates an invisible canvas that puts everything else in perspective.

Everything we do is about creating the best possible sound atmosphere. For nightclubs, bars, concert halls, restaurants and other public places. To give your customers the best possible experience.

Yet our approach is not one of selling products.
Instead, we provide an optimal integration of space, audience and audio technology, not only by using the best audio equipment, but through an integrated approach utilizing our expertise in acoustic sciences, electro-acoustics and psycho-acoustics. This includes the following activities:

  • acoustic analysis and treatment of your space to reduce background noise and provide the stage for clear sound with high intelligibility
  • system design that involves the selection of the best loudspeakers, amplifiers and digital processors, defining the speaker placement and verifying each setup through computer-based simulations and SPL heat maps
  • calibration of the sound system
Heat map of sound pressure levels aligns experience knowledge with science

We use the best high-tech to make sure that your space sounds breathtaking.
Because this is what we live for.

Our secret

We combine the strengths of different countries and cultures: Europe makes some of the world’s finest loudspeaker components. Assembly and woodwork account for a major chunk of the final product cost and are cheaper in Asia. – European research and manufacturing, Asian assembly.

Friendly robot of our transducer supplier in Spain
Our Italian transducer supplier has a picky quality check

How our values benefit you

We follow highest ethical standards, not only because we like to live our life based on these principles, but also because we found that this is the best guarantee for long-term success. On the path, we found amazing people with whom we are privileged to work. We like to invest in sustainable relationships, not only with our customers, but also with our vendors and partners. For our customers, dealers and partners we provide a prompt pan-India onsite service network for all Tier-I and most Tier-II and Tier-III cities. So even if something unexpected happens: We will be there for you.

Case Studies

Orilla (formerly Zeleb)

The club Orilla (formerly known as Zeleb) has been built on a river bank over an area of 15.000 sqft, making it the largest such venue in the city of Pune at the time of construction: 12.000 sqft outdoor and 3.000 sqft indoor nightclub area.

Orilla is India’s first nightclub to achieve a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz, covering the entire spectrum of the human auditory perception. This was accomplished by setting up Devil’s flagship solution: This 5-way configuration has been used to deliver all the details available in any modern audio recording at sound pressure levels that are required at large outdoor venues.

The quiet before the storm: The outdoor FOH system

The main FOH system at Orilla is capable of sustaining continuous sound pressure levels in excess of 120 dB on the dance floor, both indoors and outdoors. This headroom allows the system to always operate well within its limits without excessive heating of sensitive transducer components. The sound remains as tight and defined at the end of the party as it was the beginning.

Saturday Night. Wanna dance?

Ultra deep bass is delivered by dedicated InfraSub subwoofers that operate in a narrow frequency range of 20 Hz to 50 Hz. The upper bass from 50 Hz to 100 Hz is delivered by sophisticated “push-pull”, hybrid horn subwoofers. This combination results in unbelievable levels of definition, depth and control in bass performance.

Better fasten your seatbelts for these push-pull subwoofers

The installation employs a total of 13 high-power 15-inch speakers, 2 Dual-12-inch long-throw 3-way speakers, 10 Dual-18-inch push-pull hybrid horn subwoofers, 6 Single-18-inch fill subwoofers and 4 Dual-18-inch InfraSub subwoofers. All of these elements have been seamlessly stitched together through our R48 Digital Speaker Management Systems, allowing precise system optimization.

Sunburn Music Festival

Sunburn in Goa, one of the world’s largest music festivals attracted over 40.000 music aficionados in December 2019. This was also the first time that Devil’s full-spectrum sound system with its 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz audio reproduction went life.

Sunburn mega festival with devilishly rich sound

8 X-1000 long-throw 3-way point source speakers formed a cluster of 4 X-1000 on each side, flown on a dedicated flying system ensuring precise angles between individual speakers, allowing them to acoustically integrate with each other. To achieve an optimal definition, bandwidth and pattern control, 12 S218 hybrid horn reflex subwoofers and 6 InfraSub subwoofers were deployed in a two-tier end-fire array arrangement.

Armada of 8 long-throw point source speakers and 18 subwoofers
Clusters of long-throw point source speakers reach everyone
12 hybrid horn subs and 6 InfraSubs deliver some serious impact

R48, our 4-In-8-Out digital speaker management system helped manage processing, with a class-leading dynamic range of 117 dB and advanced features such as predictive limiting, for rock solid speaker protection.

Can’t harm: Full control over the sound system