Headquartered out of Karlsruhe (Germany), and Pune (India) Devil Acoustics is a multinational undertaking (Germany, Finland, UK, Italy, Spain and India), that was conceived with the mission to create world class sound systems for professional audio applications.

The Finnish team is responsible for R&D, design and prototyping. Manufacturing takes place in Italy and Spain. Woodwork and final assembly is undertaken in Asia to leverage lower production and operational overheads. This helps provide customers with an unbeatable cost to quality ratio. The German team contributes towards quality control, business processes, brand development and user experience (UX).


Vikram Shetty, born in India, studied engineering from Mysore University. During the initial phases of his career he has worked in key technical positions with top global companies such as IBM and Computer Sciences Corporation in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, India and Singapore.

He later went on to be the founder and brain behind the Indian loudspeaker brand Stonewater. His desire to create the highest quality products for the global professional audio industry, led to the creation of the global enterprise Devil Acoustics, born out of a collaboration between top minds from India, Germany and Finland.

In his spare time he likes to pursue his interest in theoretical physics, neuroscience, meditation and yoga.

Michael Dreusicke, born in Germany, studied process management, knowledge management and data modelling. He taught UX / UI and software development as an educator at University of Berlin (Freie Universität).

Michael brings valuable experience from the audio industry through his consulting work for the premium German Hi-Fi brand Voxativ, where he played a key role in the areas of brand development and public funding.

Michael likes to spend his free time studying psychology, riding snowboard, and playing drums (jazz).


Our belief in quality drives us to focus on user experience and customer satisfaction.
We publish real-world performance specifications with a complete disclosure of the applied test setup.

Sustainability is a key focus in all relationships with our customers, vendors and partners.